Adam Waimon

Adam Waimon

Forms of Alchemy

Much like the glass blowing process, Forms of Alchemy takes familiar materials (sand/gold) and embarks upon a search of discovery. The series is inspired by a universal/timeless sense of adventure to explore and discover the vast depths of the ocean and interstellar space. My materials have offered me an opportunity to draw a connection between these two vastly different scapes. I want the viewer to instantly feel familiar with the work while providing the possibility of their own interpretation.


Adam Waimon is a sculptural glass artist. Inspiration for his work is drawn from a multitude of sources with a primary focus in the natural world. While remaining diverse in his inspiration, the resulting work is cohesive and defined. Through a multiple stage process of blowing, sculpting, grinding/carving and reheating of the glass, Waimon is able to unearth his abstract yet relatable sculptural forms. Each stage brings technical challenge along with creative resolve. Often working in multiple forms, Waimon creates a dialog between them by activating the negative space.

Here are a few examples of his work.