Margery Fischer-Winter

Margery Fischer-Winter

As a child, growing up in Waterbury Connecticut, Margery’s world of creativity was limited only by her materials and her tools. Whether drawing, painting, embroidering, stringing beads, cutting paper dolls, sewing, knitting, weaving, crocheting, tatting, she was happiest when her eyes and hands were busy. She knew her future would be in making things.

In high school her parents recognized that Margery was determined and so they enrolled her in an academic art class where she learned to render still lifes in light and shadow using pastels and oils. In her senior year under the tutelage of a graduate art student at Yale, she created her portfolio and was accepted at RISD. When she graduated, she was sure that she would paint uninterrupted for the rest of her life but love and life intervened.

She married Milo, had a son Max and forged a rewarding career in fashion publishing and needlecraft. In 2014 she retired and now works only on her art. Her dream of painting with oils morphed into a dream of composing with the materials and techniques that she mastered during her commercial career. As Milo works painting watercolors on one side of the Jewelry District loft where they’ve lived since 2007, Margery is on the other side making her fiber constructions.

Artist Statement
I love the street – its composition of discord and harmony – neon markings, graffiti, crumbling facades, temporary structures, excavations, light and shadows, obtuse angles, staccato cracks, linear patches and evidences of those who wander through this maze.

Here are a few examples of her work.