Magdalena Slabosz

Magdalena Slabosz

Magdalena is an artist based in Toronto, Canada, primarily focusing her practice in oil painting. She graduated from Queen's University with a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours and a minor in English. Her recent exhibits include the Station Gallery, Artel and Union Gallery.

Artist Statement

Magdalena’s art explores hedonism through portraiture and still life paintings. She captures people immersed in their surroundings, documenting the hedonistic practices of human beings in their most relaxed form. The work also features anthropomorphic objects – or dolls – as a tool to reflect these human practices. The term “hedonism” in this body of work refers to the leisurely practices of humans in private. Each portrait serves as a tool to explore the superficial nature of each face in comparison to the persona displayed in the expressions.

Each face present in the body of work is an attempt to unmask the idea of the public persona and how this is also displayed through the anthropomorphic object. These portraits are a means to explore human nature in its most honest, private form and a means to show the human-directed projection of human nature onto man-made objects.

Here are some examples of the work.