Tim Tolman

Tim Tolman

Tim Tolman’s artwork features mixed media, oil painting, collage and silkscreen prints on panels.

The oil paintings are produced using brushes and putty knives. Layers of glaze unify the textured surface. This process allows the viewer to spend time with the overall appearance as well as the nuances of the surface.

The mixed media landscape and still life works combine paper, fabric, wheat paste, acrylic paint, and resin. The result is an imagined impression. The work transforms into its own identity away from the source material. The fresh color relationships and the slightly transparent paper overlays create a one-of-a kind look that viewers may appreciate both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. The silkscreens are single color screens printed on top of pre-painted colorized or collaged panels. The result is a series with each piece original.

The silkscreens are a kin to the mixed media paintings. While the paintings deconstruct photographs, the silkscreens are additive, relying on abstracted form behind the final layer of high-contrast halftone, bitmapped or hand drawn reference to a photo.

Here are a few examples of his work.